The Desert Julep

The Desert Julep


10 mint leaves

1/2 oz. (1 tbsp) agave syrup

2.5 oz. bourbon whiskey

Splash of Mezcal


Add mint leaves and agave syrup to your Kowaluska OurGlass. Muddle the leaves to your desired mint level. At Kowaluska, we prefer minty so the mint leaves get very crushed, if you prefer less minty then take it easy. Add the bourbon whiskey to the mint leaves and agave syrup. Fill your OurGlass with large ice cubes. Gently stir the cocktail. Float a splash of Mezcal on the top. If you don't have any Mezcal handy, a peated scotch whiskey will also give it the desired smokey notes.. Garnish with a strawberry and mint sprigs.


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