Everyday Essentials Elevated

Precision-crafted essentials for anyone with an appreciation for superb functional design. FREE SHIPPING!

Manufactured in the USA and serialized to the standard of flight

Products made on computer controlled manufacturing equipment


Available individually, in sets, with or without personalization.

Customization, logos, and branding available. Great for special occasions, gifts, promotions, or just for yourself. Send us an email with your idea!

  • Concept

    Let us know what you have in mind or who you are gifting and we'll begin creating the specs for your custom piece(s).

  • Design

    We create mock designs to validate the concept. We next 3D print either full size or scale models to validate the form.

  • Source

    We source aerospace grade materials to create all of our pieces. 100% of our material, manufacturing, and logistics is performed in the USA.

  • Reveal

    Whether for you or someone you appreciate, having custom, beautiful, and functional pieces will make for a great experience.

As lifelong aerospace enthusiasts, we wanted to create beautiful, high-quality, and extremely functional everyday items using aerospace grade materials and manufacturing specifications. We hope you enjoy.

Eric & Matt

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